Sweet-Orr PPE made from Inherently Flame Retardant Fabrics

Fire Back with PPE made from Inherently Flame Retardant Fabrics

In the line of fire, you can rest assured knowing that the Nomex fibres in your PPE can withstand the heat.

Know your Nomex®

Nomex® is an innovative heat- and flame-resistant fiber that, when exposed to extreme heat, undergoes a unique reaction. It changes its properties to capture more energy in a fabric made from it, giving the wearer extra injury-preventing seconds of protection from heat transfer. This heat-shielding characteristic is built into the Nomex® fibres, preventing it from being worn away or washed out.


Tried and Tested by Fire

Sweet-Orr places our trust in as it undergoes more than just basic testing methods. In fact, garments made from these fibres go through a rigorous series of fire scenarios that simulate real-life situations. And they’ve come out scorch-free each and every time. Now, that’s high performance. Nomex® protects workers from the intense heat and flames of pool fires, bleve fires, flash fires and jet fires.


Nomex®. No Fuss. No Sweat.

First protection. Then durability. And last, but not least, comfort. Fire-retardant PPE made with Nomex® features the lowest possible weight at the highest level of protection. In addition, these fibres are breathable for reduced heat stress; and the effective wicking away of moisture.

Nomex® fiber also reduces maintenance as it helps fire-retardant clothing maintain its size and shape after repeated washes. So your workers will look professional, even in times of duress.


We’re Sweet for Nomex®

As a leader in protective workwear, Sweet-Orr’s flame-retardant Combat and Disaster, and Specialised PPE helps protect industrial and utility workers, petrochemical operators and technicians, air force pilots and military forces against fire hazards.


Need PPE that can come under fire without a scorch? Speak to a Sweet-Orr consultant about our flame-resistant Combat and Disaster, and Specialised ranges.