Sweet-Orr An Ode to Our Everyday Wearers

Ad Ode To Everyday Wearers

To our everyday wearers: the tradesmen and builders, artists and artisans, creators and crafters – we would like to say thank you. With your hard-earned skills, you shape our world. And, with you tough-as-nails dedication, we believe there’s nothing you can’t do.

When the going gets tough, you get tougher. You go boldly where others are afraid to go, then get to work. You keep us going, and you keep us growing. And when you set your sights on a something you want to achieve, your determination is concrete.

You’ve inspired us as a company since 1871. The only reason we do what we do, is because you do what you do, and it’s our number one goal to keep developing workwear that’s as hardwearing as you are. To show our sincere appreciation, we’d like to dedicate this video to you:

To everyone else, the next time you see someone wearing Sweet-Orr workwear, or any specialised workwear at all, give them a firm handshake and say thanks. They’re probably one of the people who hold our buildings, our safety, our research, and our resources in the palms of their hands every single day.