Set your team apart in durable protective wear that is designed to wear well after repetitive laundering.

Sweet-Orr has a range of pants, overalls, flight-suits, jeans, shirts and shorts modelled to suit various strenuous demands, work requirements and strict regulations across many industries.

We provide a customised service based on order quantity, offering personalised printing and embroidery on garments on request. In addition, we pride ourselves in having automated state-of-the-art machinery that enables us to produce world-class safety workwear.
Staff members are constantly skilled and retrained to operate the latest equipment and machinery, as we constantly look for new technologies to improve production, quality and efficiency.

Equipped with Gerber Technology for pattern making purposes excellent quality is assured. Our pattern makers have received extensive training on the Accumark system as this process defines the designs for all our products. Sample fit sizes are provided for everyone under all safety workwear and protective wear products, while special requests are accommodated based on order quantity.