The Future

While our journey started 150 years ago, there’s no end in sight. This is just the beginning. Our legacy has taken us from the dusty frontiers of two international gold rushes on both sides of the Atlantic, to the modern world. The possibilities for the future are limitless, but one..Read More

The Present

Since creating the workwear segment in 1871, Sweet-Orr has constantly been pushing to produce workwear that is truly timeless. It’s this drive that still pushes us to deliver on the promise of creating workwear that will never let you down.

The Ode

James Orr or “Uncle Jim” is the man and legend who started Sweet-Orr. Wappingers Falls, New York in 1871, is where it all began. 150 years later, The Uncle Jim Chore and Wappingers Trucker Jacket pays homage to who founded the brand and where it was founded.

The Overall Legend

Sweet-Orr is said to be the first commercial overalls producer in America. The legendary quality of the materials and craftsmanship, earned it the legacy of being the best amongst the workers who have worn them and wear them. Sweet-Orr’s overalls are the stuff of legends, that’s because it was made..Read More

Umfazi, Imbokodo

Ever since the first day in 1871, Wappingers Falls, New York, women have been the muscle behind Sweet-Orr’s success. The company’s first six employees were all female, and it was their skill and speed that allowed the brand to quickly own the market. Till this very day, women are the..Read More

Ace of Spades

Sweet-Orr’s Ace of Spades range from the early 1900s, is nowadays a global vintage icon. When it was introduced, it was designed to be tough workwear but surprisingly it took on its own legacy of being a timeless vintage classic. The range with its iconic Ace of Spades buttons, quickly..Read More

Historic Milestones

Sweet-Orr has supplied workwear to a number of iconic institutions. Shaping young adventurers by providing the Boy Scouts of America with uniforms for 100 years, as well as the US armed forces on the frontlines in WW1, WW2 and the US Spanish war. The NY times also stated that Sweet-Orr..Read More

The Empire

In the earlier part of the 20th century Sweet-Orr was creating a workwear empire. One that spanned 36 countries. The sales team carried overalls to these far-flung destinations. Whether it was by train, ship, dog sled, ox wagon, and eventually aeroplane. Sweet-Orr was reaching every corner of the world.

The Fairest Cape

In 1931 Sweet-Orr opened the doors to its South African operation with a factory in Woodstock, Cape Town. The factory originally housed 100 employees. In 1969, needing more space, Sweet-Orr relocated the factory to the current location of Elsies River.

The British Voyage

For Sweet-Orr to cross the Atlantic Ocean, they had to make new friendships. The friends they made, were the Liverpudlians at Lybro Ltd. The established British workwear company accepted the high-quality unsewn garments from the Americans and put them together on their side. Exporting the final products across the globe…Read More