Sweet-Orr was founded in Wappingers Falls, New York in 1871, with South African operations being established in 1931. We are the first clothing manufacturer to be awarded the coveted South African Bureau of Standards mark bearing certification, SANS 434 (SABS) in 1978.

Sweet-Orr boasts one of the industry’s most extensive and diverse selection of high-quality and innovative workwear. It ranges from utility casual and denim to essential and highly specialised protective workwear, such as acid repellent, flame retardant and flame acid garments, specially developed for low-medium and high-risk environments.

Sweet-Orr Product Categories

We understand that every workspace needs appropriate workwear to handle the prevailing environment and to ensure workforce safety. That is why we place continued emphasis on innovation, research and development, ensuring that our protective workwear always meets the highest standards, customer needs, industry requirements and regulations.

Our 5500m2 modern production facility has the capacity to produce approximately 3500 garments per day. The facility has machines in excess of 400, which include computerised pattern marker making machines, spreading and cutting machines, modern sewing machines and automated processors such as pocket and belt loop setting.

Sweet-Orr Factory Aerial View
Sweet-Orr equipment
Sweet-Orr equipment and machinery
Sweet-Orr equipment

The design and pattern making department is equipped with several workstations, which include the latest upgrades coinciding with CAD and CAM systems. Our products give you the confidence to handle every job with protective workwear craftily engineered for the task. Garments are expertly designed and created by highly skilled teams.

We service the petrochemical, mining, engineering, hospitality, aviation, combat, automotive, military and medical industries.

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