Welcome to our boksburg Showroom

Calling all professional tradesmen, modern artisans, and after-hours hobbyists: step inside our 150m2 Boksburg showroom and test out our diverse range of high-quality protective workwear for men and women. 

Every garment we produce is held up to the highest possible standards – because your protection matters to us. In addition to our quality management system with ISO 9001 certification, we place continued emphasis on research and development to create garments that truly meet the needs of the people wearing them.

Our Showroom Range

Utility Workwear

A flexible job description requires a flexible wardrobe. Our versatile Utility Casual range is suitable for home, the office, or on site. Each and every item is designed to be comfortable, durable and functional for hands-on work – with just enough pockets to keep the tools of your trade within easy reach

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Essential Workwear

Like you, we value practicality. That’s why our Essential Workwear range provides practical solutions for everyday protection in both low- and medium-risk environments. Since 1871, we’ve been designing for reliability, so when you’re wearing Sweet-Orr Essential Workwear, you know you’re in good hands.

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Specialised Workwear

If you face volatile, flammable, dangerous, or unhygienic materials in your line of duty, you need workwear that’s as hardwearing as you are. You can trust our Specialised Workwear range to give you the upper hand in medium- and high-risk environments. Our in-store staff will happily guide you to the Flame Retardant, Acid Repellant, or dual-purpose workwear that suits your specific needs.

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