Sweet-Orr is a protective clothing brand with a rich American heritage, creating hard-wearing workwear since 1871.

We operate in a dynamic global industry servicing varying needs across different workforce sectors. Special attention to the requirements and regulations of every field enables us to produce protective workwear down to intricate specification.

To ensure this, we consistently prioritise the securing and updating of clothing manufacturing equipment. Keeping abreast of new and changing technologies has helped us deliver on client expectations and, as a result, sustained our enduring reputation as leaders in safety workwear.

The 21st century offers all industries persistent safety challenges that are often overlooked or completely ignored. Many years of experience operating within the sector has led to Sweet-Orr being a hub of comprehensive insights and expertise for all clients requiring protective wear.


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Our Clients

Our client list of over a five hundred companies is proof that we are a trusted brand in the industry. Our reputation as protective clothing experts goes beyond South Africa, and in fact, enjoys international recognition. The in-depth expertise we provide enables us to offer insightful and comprehensive consultations to every client that needs assistance finding appropriate safety workwear which meets industry requirements and regulations.

Challenges in the workplaces are a continuous obstacle; workwear shouldn’t be one of them.

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