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Why You Should Be in Uniform

Whether it’s worn permanently or on special events, more companies are realising the benefits that can be unlocked by uniform wearing staff. While some non-uniformed workers might enjoy expressing their individuality through carefully picked clothing choices, the convenience that comes official work attire shouldn’t be undervalued.

Getting a Unified Look

Some companies offer staff the opportunity to make their own choices where clothing is concerned, opting to avoid the short term annoyance of producing an appropriate brand specific uniform. Finding a design that fits everyone’s body type and picking a wearable brand associated colour are decisions that can take months to make. Not to mention the cost implications that come with ensuring that staff is appropriately dressed for the season – warm in winter and cool in summer.

The perks that come with uniform wearing staff include:

Employee Benefits – Uniform provided by an employer save employees money and time spent on outfit choices.

Distinguishing Employees – A cohesive workwear look can make identifying staff members easier for clients, improving client service. This eliminates the inconvenience and embarrassment of customers confusing other buyers for staff, creating opportunities for misrepresentation of your company.

Brand Presence – Your brand presence is strengthened every time people see your company name, logo and colours on the uniform worn by staff. This also ensures that every staff member is the ideal representation of your company, delivering a unified professional business image across your entire organisation.

Safety – Most importantly, uniform is essential as protective wear as they often serve a dual purpose, to protect the worker on the job and to foster brand presence. An employer who is concerned about staff safety helps promotes good working relations between staff and the organisation.

There are many benefits to outfitting your staff in well-co-ordinated workwear, such as improving team spirit and creating equality by ensuring that everyone looks and feels comfortable at work. It also improves safety, making those not in uniform easily identifiable.

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