Acid Repellant

Acids are vital agents in various industries, but can be seriously harmful to those who work with them. Acid-repellant workwear is a critical line of defence against at-work injuries. Acid spills can have devastating effects on property and the environment, and can even cause the loss of a life.

Workwear, uniforms and gloves that can resist the harmful effects of acid exposure, repelling acid splashes and preventing serious acid burns, are an essential safety requirement. Supporting many of the country’s biggest industrial companies, Sweet-Orr has been trusted with supplying protective wear garments that are comfortable, durable, malleable, and functional.

In the line of duty when dealing with volatile, flammable, dangerous, and unhygienic materials and fluids the occasional spill or burn is a harsh and hindering reality.

You need functional and hardwearing protective wear that will rise to the occasion, so you can maintain focus every step of the way.

Flame Retardant – these fabrics are chemically treated after they have been woven, to give them the properties required to withstand flames.

Flame Retardant protective garments are made by treating woven fabrics with chemical compounds, before assembly. Using an immersion process they are given their protective properties by a combination of chemicals, which may include substances such as Dialkyl Phosphono Propionic Acid amide-N and Methylol.

These fabrics are useful in environments where the risk of flame-related incidents is low to moderate. Sweet-Orr’s Flame Retardant products provide adequate protection to a variety of workers, including boilermakers and welders.

Inherently Flame Retardant – these fabrics are made by weaving hardwearing microfibres that naturally have the powerful properties required to withstand bursts of heats and exposure to flames. Because these fabrics are inherently non-flammable, they offer reliable protection against flames for the entire lifespan of the fabric.

Inherently Flame Retardant garments are made by weaving and blending fibres and materials that naturally have the properties required to keep workers safe, into tough fabrics like DuPont™ and Nomex®.

Inherently Flame Retardant fabrics, like DuPont™ and Nomex®, thrive in workplaces where the risk of flame-related incidents is constant. These fabrics are standard issue in high-risk environments like oil refineries, because they can be trusted to provide premium protection at all times. The protection is woven into the fibres, thus there is no risk of the flame retardant properties breaking down or washing out over time. In fact, they remain noncombustible for the duration of the lifespan of the fabric.

Flame retardant fabrics aren’t all equal and expert knowledge is required to select the right combination of chemical compounds or inherent fabrications to protect workers in different environments.

At Sweet-Orr, our skilled team can help you choose flame retardant continental suits, jackets, trousers and boiler suits for a variety of industries and applications.

Deciding whether to go Flame Retardant or Inherently Flame Retardant should be determined by your intended use and your environment. Our Flame Retardant garments are made for everyday use, comply with local and international safety standards and are easy to wear.