acid repellant fabrication

In the line of duty when dealing with volatile, flammable, dangerous, unhygienic materials and fluids, the occasional spill or burn is a harsh and hindering reality.You need functional and hardwearing protective wear that will rise to the occasion, so you can maintain focus every step of the way. Acid and corrosive chemicals pose a great safety risk in many environments.

Sweet-Orr acid repellant protective wear minimises risks in potentially hazardous work environments where acids, corrosive substances and contaminants persist.

Sweet-Orr Acid repellant Workwear

why do acids pose a risk?

Acids are vital agents in various industries, but can be seriously harmful to those who work with them. Acid-repellant workwear is a critical line of defence against at-work injuries. Acid spills can have devastating effects on property and the environment, and can even cause the loss of a life.

Workwear, uniform and gloves that can resist the harmful effects of acid exposure, repelling acid splashes and preventing serious acid burns, are an essential safety requirement. Supporting many of the country’s biggest industrial companies, Sweet-Orr has been trusted with supplying protective wear garments that are comfortable, durable, malleable, and functional.

why use acid repellant fabrication?

Though many domestic acids, like acetic acid are relatively harmless. Many of the highly concentrated acids, such as hydrochloric acid, utilised in manufacturing and cleaning processes pose a serious risk to those working with them – even in the smallest doses. Acid repellant fabrics create a barrier between workers and acids. Eliminating the risks that acids pose when they come into contact with human skin.

Though natural fibres are the most comfortable to wear. Plant fibres are cellulose based and animal fibres are protein based. Both cellulose and protein are vulnerable to acidic substances and may be porous once assembled. Making them even more vulnerable to penetration. Many manmade materials are inherently acid repellant, but fall short when it comes to comfort.

using technology for maximum protection and comfort

 Chemical treatment has become the cutting-edge solution to protect our workforces. Chemically-treated fabrics have become a staple in the industrial space and are not only safe to wear, but also defensive. Chemically treating a variety of textiles to give them maximum protection against exposure to corrosive substances has revolutionised acid-repellant workwear.

This technological advance has enabled us to take comfortable hard-wearing materials like cotton, polyester and viscose and gives them the properties required to repel acid splashes, without compromising quality, comfort or functionality.

Fabric choice is just one component of ensuring an item is acid repellant. The way a garment is assembled is a critical part of its strength. When we source materials for our garments, we opt for high-quality products from experienced and specialised manufacturers and ensure that seams are sewn and bound correctly.

OUR Certification

At Sweet-Orr, we benchmark our continuous improvement processes against world-class standards and maintain national and international quality standards. Our acid repellant range is made for everyday use and comply with the following standards;

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