flame acid fabrication

Challenging environments require complex solutions to their problems, which is where Flame Acid protective workwear takes centre stage.

Sophisticated industrial working environments can expose workers to multiple threats. In many environments, the risk of exposure to flames and accidental fires is accompanied by the risk of acid splashes and spills, which can cause serious injury and even loss of life.

Commonly known as ‘Flame Acid’, this type of protective workwear makes use of complex chemical principles to ensure that it is effective, durable and functional, working double duty to offer much-needed protection in the workplace.

Flame Acid textiles are treated with a variety of safe substances to give them the properties required to resist corrosion by acids and destruction by flames.

Specialised Workwear

why use flame acid fabrication

During a fire flames feed off the gases that are released when fabrics burn. As these gases are released and ignite the fire spreads, causing destruction to property, the environment and people. Garments treated with flame retardant chemicals or made from materials that are inherently flame retardant are able to withstand the heat and do not release flammable gases, which effectively stops the combustion process, protecting those who wear them and preventing the spread of a fire.

The acid repellant component of Flame Acid clothing ensures that the clothing does not corrode when it comes into contact with corrosive chemicals, protecting the skin tissue of the wearer.

A large number of industries, including the petroleum, battery manufacturing, mining and rigging, steel and boiler making sectors, rely on flame retardant and acid-repellant protective workwear to keep their workers safe.

our methodology

Natural fibres, like cellulose, are porous and vulnerable to corrosion, and thus ruled out when it comes to manufacturing flame acid wear. There are a number of highly sophisticated man made alternatives, which we use in our workwear. These materials are chemically treated to give them the flame acid properties. They are also comfortable, practical and can easily defend against corrosion by acids and flames.

There are a wide variety of acids used in various industries, and many flame acid garments don’t provide protection against the full spectrum. It is important to seek expert advice and good quality products to ensure that your workwear can withstand even the strongest acids.

As flame acid workwear is treated to give it the required protective properties, it is also critical to follow care instructions to ensure that maximum protection is maintained. Sweet-Orr’s flame acid protective wear is durable and resilient, requiring minimal maintenance.

Working double duty, our flame acid range boasts Flame Retardant (FR) and Acid Repellant (AR) properties for use in complex environments, with multiple safety risks.

OUR Certification

At Sweet-Orr we benchmark our continuous improvement processes against world class standards and maintain national and international quality standards. Our flame acid range complies with the following standards:

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Manufactured using Flame Retardant (FR) and Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) materials, our garments can take the heat in low-risk and high-risk environments.

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Working double duty, our Flame Acid range boasts Flame Retardant (FR) and Acid Repellant (AR) properties for use in complex environments with multiple safety risks.

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