Why You Should Be in Uniform

Male in safety uniform from Sweet-Orr

Whether it’s worn permanently or on special events, more companies are realising the benefits that can be unlocked by uniform wearing staff. While some non-uniformed workers might enjoy expressing their individuality through carefully picked clothing choices. Do not undervalue the convenience of official work attire. Getting a Unified Look Some companies offer staff the opportunity […]

Get Your Workwear Stitching Right

Stitching Sweet-Orr

Often when workwear is the focus of any conversation, the fabric chosen forms part of the chit-chat. However, often omitted, stitching choice plays an important role in garment production. Differently materials and designs require a certain kind stitching in order to deliver on high-quality expectations. When delving into workwear consider the fabric, garment type and […]

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High-Visibility Workwear By Design

Sweet-Orr High Visibility Workwear

High-visibility workwear or reflective workwear has made great advances in protecting the lives of not just workers but of motorcyclists, cyclists, runners and pedestrians alike. The innovation improves visibility of individuals at night or under low-visibility conditions and has subsequently lead to significantly lowered on and off-road fatalities. A Bright Start For High-Visibility Workwear High-visibility […]

Know Your Workwear Terms

Sweet-Orr Workwear Terms

With a client list made up of over 500 companies, we interact and service a wide variety of highly-skilled individuals across many industries. While many proven entrepreneurs and highly experienced people are often confident with the terminology and jargon used within their field of work. However, the personal protective equipment industry and its workwear terms […]

Why Do You Need Protective Wear?

Sweet-Orr Protective Wear

Every job constantly comes with its own risks and dangers. It is important to identify these from the very beginning to avoid potential accidents and hazards. Many companies and employers may know this but have difficulty in identifying company needs, industry regulations, and basic staff requirements to complete each task. Why Is It Necessary Make […]

100% Cotton VS Polyester Blends

100% cotton vs Polyester

The benefits of choosing to wear 100% cotton, instead of a cotton blend (50% polyester and 50% cotton) are a constantly-evolving conversation in the textile manufacturing industry. Function is usually the primary determining factor influencing the choice of fabric. Workwear Basic Fabric Needs In the design process, various factors are considered to ensure garments produced […]

The Sweet-Orr Mark

Sweet-Orr Trademark and Logo

We have a rich heritage dating back more than 144 years, in fact the New York Times has said that Sweet-Orr: “May actually have been the first commercial jeans producer”. The company grew in notoriety to such an extent its garments are still prized collectables today. Sweet-Orr Ahead of the Trend The word ‘sanforized’ is […]