High-Visibility Workwear By Design

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High-visibility workwear or reflective workwear has made great advances in protecting the lives of not just workers but of motorcyclists, cyclists, runners and pedestrians alike. The innovation improves visibility of individuals at night or under low-visibility conditions and has subsequently lead to significantly lowered on and off-road fatalities. A Bright Start For High-Visibility Workwear High-visibility […]

Know Your Workwear Terms

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With a client list made up of over 500 companies, we interact and service a wide variety of highly-skilled individuals across many industries. While many proven entrepreneurs and highly experienced people are often confident with the terminology and jargon used within their field of work, the personal protective equipment industry can prove tricky. Workwear Terms […]

100% Cotton VS Polyester Blends

The benefits of choosing to wear 100% cotton, instead of a cotton blend (50% polyester and 50% cotton) are a constantly-evolving conversation in the textile manufacturing industry. Function is usually the primary determining factor influencing the choice of fabric. Workwear Basic Fabric Needs In the design process, various factors are considered to ensure garments produced […]

PPE Fasteners: Zippers and Poppers

In their heyday, poppers and zippers were popularised as great for children because they were so easy to use. Fast forward some decades and these closing systems are now more universally functional, cropping up on jeans, purses, shoes and even PPE. Snap Judgements: Poppers In fact, snap fasteners work well in protective clothing as they […]

Women Work. Their PPE Should, Too.

For quite some time now women have been doing the same difficult and dangerous jobs that have been stereotyped male. Isn’t it about time that their PPE start following suit? We think so… Unisex Workwear? Not Really. Unfortunately, much of the PPE industry today still caters predominately for male workers under the guise of “unisex” […]

Risky Business? Reliable Workwear.

Every job comes with its own set of hazards, however some are far riskier than others. But if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous profession, you’d best ensure that you’ve got reliable workwear. Workwear You Can Trust Working where hazards are the norm can be a daunting task. But when you have reliable PPE […]