The Sweet-Orr Mark

The Sweet-Orr Mark - Wearing the Pants in the Industry

We have a rich heritage dating back more than 144 years, in fact the New York Times has said that Sweet-Orr: “May actually have been the first commercial jeans producer”. The company grew in notoriety to such an extent its garments are still prized collectables today. Sweet-Orr Ahead of the Trend The word ‘sanforized’ is […]

Women Work. Their PPE Should, Too.

Sweet-Orr Women Work. Their Protective Wear Should, Too

For quite some time now women have been doing the same difficult and dangerous jobs that have been stereotyped male. Isn’t it about time that their PPE start following suit? We think so… Unisex Workwear? Not Really. Unfortunately, much of the PPE industry today still caters predominately for male workers under the guise of “unisex” […]

Risky Business? Reliable Workwear.

Risky Business? Reliable Workwear

Every job comes with its own set of hazards, however some are far riskier than others. But if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous profession, you’d best ensure that you’ve got reliable workwear. Workwear You Can Trust Working where hazards are the norm can be a daunting task. But when you have reliable PPE […]

Head Protection: Don’t Lose your Head. Protect it, Instead!

Sweet-Orr head protection

Hands down, the head is one of the most important parts of the body. And when working in hazardous environments, it only makes sense to ensure its protection. Head-Hazardous Workplaces If falling or flying objects, chemical splash, extreme temperatures, hair entanglement, and overhanging electrical hazards or fixed objects are common in your work environment, guess […]

Personal Protective Equipment Best Practice

Personal Protective Equipment Best Practice

In the world of hazardous work environments, best practice makes perfect. Ok, best practice coupled with personal protective equipment, that is… Save Personal Protective Equipment for Last As mentioned before, PPE should only be used as a fail-safe when hazards cannot be eliminated, replaced with a safer process, or controlled. Only once measures to safeguard […]

PPE Types from Head-to-Toe

Sweet-Orr PPE Types

So you’ve implemented engineering, work practices and administrative controls in the workplace, but it still doesn’t make the safety cut? It looks like it’s time to call on your last line of defence – PPE. PPE Fit for the Hazard Different workplaces come with their own sets of hazards – some are more harmful than […]

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