Best Practice for Protective Wear Care

While protective wear can prevent injury and death, improper care of it can be as detrimental as going without protection. That’s why it’s important to care of your PPE, so that it can take care of you. Take Care of Your Protective Wear Properly maintained PPE is important in ensuring the efficient and effective functioning […]

Don’t Lose your Head. Protect it, Instead!

head protection

Hands down, the head is one of the most important parts of the body. And when working in hazardous environments, it only makes sense to ensure its protection. Head-Hazardous Workplaces If falling or flying objects, chemical splash, extreme temperatures, hair entanglement, and overhanging electrical hazards or fixed objects are common in your work environment, guess […]

Personal Protective Equipment Best Practice

In the world of hazardous work environments, best practice makes perfect. Ok, best practice coupled with PPE, that is… Save Personal Protective Equipment for Last As mentioned before, PPE should only be used as a fail-safe when hazards cannot be eliminated, replaced with a safer process, or controlled. Only once measures to safeguard employees have […]