Why Do You Need Protective Wear?

Every job constantly comes with its own risks and dangers. It is important to identify these from the very beginning to avoid potential accidents and hazards. Many companies and employers may know this but have difficulty in identifying company needs, industry regulations, and basic staff requirements to complete each task.

Why Is It Necessary

Make no mistake, identifying company environment hazards and ensuring that staff is equipped with the necessary workwear and gear to efficiently and effectively complete a job is at the core of productivity. The wrong type of workwear can slow one down by hindering movement, obscuring view, and creating various additional obstacles. Personal protective wear is not a new concept in the formal sector, authorities all over the world have been working hard for decades towards the protective wear we enjoy today and continue to innovate for the future.

Here is a short video dating back to the 1950s, conducted by the United States government, depicting an experiment comparing the effects of specific gases on treated and untreated fabric.

Where to Start?

When it comes to personal protective clothing, you can’t just comply with the regulations you think apply to your industry you must comply with all health and safety requirements. To ensure that your staff, clients or customers are appropriately and adequately protected in accordance with industry regulations and health and safety requirements you should perform a hazard assessment of the work environment. This will determine exactly what kind of personal protective clothing and gear various individuals under specific job specifications should be suited in.

The market is constantly presented with upgrades on various protective clothing and gear. Stay abreast of changing technologies to improve your company’s safety record.

Train and Protect

Employees should also be trained on the benefits of the protective clothing they wear. This ensures that every staff member is able to properly put-on and take-off every item and appropriately clean and maintain their apparel. Correct maintenance of protective clothing extends garments’ life span contributing to efficient budget spending.

On the job, to protect lives protective wear is expected to function without fault, time and time again. Know what your staff should be equipped with before stepping up to the task. To find out more about steps to take in protecting yourself and your staff members, download the national Health and Safety Act.

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