Make Your Selection: Denim Or Chino

When choosing workwear, it’s advisable to consider the core purposes of the garment and where it will be worn in order to select the ideal fabric and stitching. When it comes to mixing both leisure and business, there are a few fabrics that are quite as effective as denim and chino.

Fabric for Purpose

If you spend your day working in and out of the office, a suit might not be the best apparel to wear during your workweek. Those working outdoors on a plant or farm might also enjoy the agility and comfort offered by a dress code that speaks to leisure. A focus on body temperature regulation and durability is essential in environments where you have minimum control over the weather – no air-conditioning.

The Difference to Tell Them Apart

While both fabrics are made out of the same textile – cotton, it doesn’t mean that they are the same or are ideal for identical purposes. With that said, they do have distinct similarities, as both chino and denim are interwoven into a twill pattern.

Denim is patterned through a diagonal type of weave, usually using different colours moving diagonally from each other. This creates the often indigo and white colour variation we see in our favourite pair of blue jeans. Denim uses thicker threads, providing that rough and durable look.

The twill used in chino is much lighter and made from finer thread. Originally chino meant a specific style of khaki-coloured trouser, however, today the fabric is applied to a wide variety of light cotton pants.

Both chino and denim are considered staples when referring to utility workwear. Often used by those who wish to adopt the smart casual look for events or the everyday working day, these fabrics offer flexibility covering multiple occasions.

For on-trend functional comfort, select chinos and denims from the Sweet-Orr range.

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