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Know Your Workwear Terms

With a client list made up of over 500 companies, we interact and service a wide variety of highly-skilled individuals across many industries. While many proven entrepreneurs and highly experienced people are often confident with the terminology and jargon used within their field of work, the personal protective equipment industry can prove tricky.

Workwear Terms Kit

Due to the complex and comprehensive requirements of some industries, coupled with frequent technology changes that lead to equipment upgrades, knowing what’s available and appropriate for your specific use is never easy. To offer a bit of clarity we take you through a basic glossary of words often used in the industry to aid any conversation around personal protective equipment.

Accumark System – This all-inclusive software package forms part of Gerber Technology’s offering and has essentially become the household standard for intelligent pattern design. Constant updates geared to enable discussion over design, grading, costing, quality control and alterations continue to improve communication between manufacturer, client and suppliers.

CAD – The word is an acronym for Computer-Aided Design. It’s used as a conceptual tool that creates precision drawings or technical illustrations to develop designs and products. Its function is not exclusive to the clothing manufacturing industry, as it’s used by architects, engineers, drafters, artists and others.

Fabric Construction – Fabric construction defines the most basic elements of a fabric’s structure. It specifies whether it is a (knit, woven, or non-woven), type of structure. Additionally, the specification includes both size and weight.

Grading – Proportionately increasing or decreasing the dimensions of parts of a garment according to the size range specific for production defines grading. This process ensures and controls movement and comfort when wearing the garment.

J-54 – The word is a clothing manufacturing term identifying fabric type and synonymously used with 100% cotton fabric. It is a better quality than polycotton and is a 200-gram drill material. Often used by artisans and welders, it’s considered versatile and comfortable as it aids in minimising sweat while keeping the wearer warm.

The industry is complex and there are many words and terms that may confuse an individual not familiar to the industry. However, that is why you have Sweet-Orr products. We strive to make it look easy with quality personal protective equipment.