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High-Visibility Workwear By Design

High-visibility workwear or reflective workwear has made great advances in protecting the lives of not just workers but of motorcyclists, cyclists, runners and pedestrians alike. The innovation improves visibility of individuals at night or under low-visibility conditions and has subsequently lead to significantly lowered on and off-road fatalities.

A Bright Start For High-Visibility Workwear

High-visibility workwear was first used by workers building and maintaining railway networks in the United Kingdom in 1964. Train drivers applauded the experiment which was later rolled out to other parts of the country and inadvertently the world.

This video summarises the helpful uses of high-visibility workwear and briefly gives examples of the kind of people you may spot wearing apparel fashioned for high visibility purposes.

It has become an integral, tangible and effective part of safety wear. Most outdoor based operations consider the apparel a necessity, where training designed around its use has become part of standard procedure and processes. In fact, the worldwide implementation of reflective wear has become so effective that UK animal product company Omlet has designed its own range of safety wear for the exclusive use of chickens – for when they cross the road, of course.

Make Reflective Wear Light Work

Consider the working conditions of your workforce and the time (day or night) that they might be expected to be on duty. Based on your findings, source the necessary equipment to secure productivity and efficiency, but most importantly safety. This process is covered in the standard health and safety assessment.

Sweet-Orr provides a variety of specific high-visibility workwear to suit your industry requirements. With a dedicated team constantly working on product development we ensure up-to-date expertise and innovation. This level of ingenuity materialises in the tactile high-quality and function of our hard wearing workwear range.

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