Winter Workwear Trends

Not certain about what you should be wearing this winter while at work? With the right choice, you can brave the blistering cold with minimal worry. The decision is not as complex as it may seem. 

On an everyday workday, you should never fear the chill. The winter months bring seasonal challenges to everyone doing the heavy lifting, challenged with detail-orientated tasks or faced with constant changing temperatures.

Your Winter Obstacles

The efficient use of time is always important in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Temperature can play a significant role in hindering the swift completion of any task. A cold environment can challenge the worker in the following three ways:

  1. Air Temperature: The lower the temperature the colder you will feel.
  2. Air Movement: At any temperature you will feel colder as the wind speed increases.
  3. Humidity/Wetness: Water conducts heat away from the 25 times faster than dry air. This is why you sweat when exposed to high temperatures. However, your body can also sweat under extremely cold conditions due to lack of oxygen to your skin cells.

What’s On This Winter?


Quilted jackets are the functional choice providing comfort and protection from the cold. Choose items with light weight, 100% cotton lining, as this fabric is breathable allowing oxygen to your skin to minimise perspiration. Adjustable elasticated cuffs and hems are ideal for flexibility and easy movement.



Half elasticated waistbands will give you that extra space for movement and accommodate that added waste-line many tend to gain during winter and lose during summer. Triple stitched garments have a heavier look without a heavier thread. This kind of stitch also makes for a tougher product that can better withstand tension.




Two-piece overalls are the growing trend providing flexibility, especially for ladies wear, as there is the option of choosing different sized bottom and top to accommodate a specific body type. Similarly, this adaptability helps with changing temperatures as well. The 100% cotton choice is ideal for regulating body temperature.


Be confident and look prepared in workwear ideal for the season. Good cover will not only keep the shivers away but let you get on unhindered by the unnecessary potential hazard that can be caused by your apparel.

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