The Sweet-Orr Mark

We have a rich heritage dating back more than 144 years, in fact the New York Times has said that Sweet-Orr: “May actually have been the first commercial jeans producer”. The company grew in notoriety to such an extent its garments are still prized collectables today.

Sweet-Orr Ahead of the Trend

The word ‘sanforized’ is popularly used when referring to preshrunk garments, but we have been experts at developing our own version of this process before it even became ‘a thing’ with the ‘Ace of Spades’ shrunk overalls, also known as ‘The Overalls that Don’t Shrink’.
The advert from 1914 reads: “All the shrunk has been taken out through a special Sweet-Orr process. No matter how often you wash them, Sweet-Orr ‘Ace of Spades’ will never shorten up… Not even one-sixteenth of an inch.”

We still apply a process unique to Sweet-Orr to preshrink our denims so as to minimise shrinkage after laundering.


Wearing the Pants in the Industry

We have been advancing our expertise in functional and comfortable pants for many years. There has always been a focus on producing workwear for all kinds of jobs from military uniforms, worksuits for specialised jobs right to the everyday pair of pants and shirts. Today, Sweet-Orr offers a specified array of pants with a focus on providing the perfect fit for all genders.


Our well-developed understanding of the industry is at the core of our enduring reputation, which has led to our advancement into many sectors of protective wear. It has taken over a century to master workwear design, we continue to stretch the limits into the future.

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